Saturday, June 22, 2013

Dexter: Final Season Preview

The end is almost here. Dexter fans, are you ready to say good-bye? For better or worse, our favorite serial killer’s run is almost over. The new—and final—season begins June 30.

If you haven’t watched any or all of Season 7, read no further. There be spoilers.

The biggest question on my mind at the beginning of Season 8 is what’s going to happen to Deb? Who is she now that she’s killed LaGuerta and who will she become in the fallout? Deb already has serious self-esteem issues. What will this do to her? She’s not only lost all sense of who she thought Dexter was, she’s now lost all sense of who she thought she was.

Deb’s one constant she could cling to in her life was her job—that and her foul mouth that we’ve all come to love. She may not have a solid, dependable love interest. She may not have the solid mooring of her family. But she’s always had the job. How will Det. Debra Morgan be able to report for duty now that she has the blood of an innocent woman—another cop, no less—on her hands? (I’ve read enough about the upcoming season to know she forfeits her badge, but I won’t go into that. We learn it early in the first episode.)

Knowing she’s no longer a badge-wearing officer of the law doesn’t change the questions for me because Deb is still a cop at heart. I believe she still longs to be able to cling to the black-and-white world of law enforcement, where right is right and wrong is wrong and the bad guys pay, which is why the evolution (or downward spiral) of her character is going to be so interesting to watch this season. We all have to make a peace of some sort with the choices we make. Considering who she is at heart and who she holds closest to her heart, how will Deb ever make her peace?

And then there’s Dexter. My husband says he won’t be happy with the ending if Dexter isn’t in cuffs or dead. I still don’t know how I feel about it. One part of me agrees with him. Dexter is degenerating. The Code isn’t really working anymore. Maybe it’s time for Dexter to face the consequences of his actions. But another part of me wonders if he could bring the Code back to where it’s supposed to be. Could he go back to killing only those who have killed others and thereby “redeem” himself? Could he and Deb form a team? (No, I don’t think that’s going to happen. I don’t think Deb’s built that way. It would destroy her.)

I care about Dexter. I hate the childhood trauma he endured. I admire how Harry tried to “save” his son by teaching him how to live with his “dark passenger.” I respect how Dexter has tried to right the wrongs society failed to right. My heart broke for him when Rita died and it melts every time he’s with Harrison. Dexter wants to be good. What will happen to him? What choices will he make? Is his relationship with Deb destroyed completely?

I’m looking forward to discovering what the Dexter team has in store for us in its final season. I’ll be talking about it here each week. Please join the discussion!

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