Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sons of Anarchy: Tig and the Fire

If you read my last blog previewing the premiere of Season 5 of Sons of Anarchy, then you know I had a bunch of questions about where the story might go in the next few months. Some of those were answered pretty quickly, and I’ll get to most of them, but we have to start with Tig.

I asked in my last blog, “How loyal IS Tig to Clay?” That answer seemed fuzzy enough after Clay’s “admission” to killing Piney. (What a rat, right? Turning it around and making it Piney’s fault, saying he was acting in self-defense when he blew a hole in Piney’s chest?) Tig really had a problem with that whole thing—not only the fact that Clay killed one of the First 9, but also that Clay’s lie about it being a Niner who shot him is what sent Tig off the deep end and put him behind the wheel of the death of Damon Pope’s daughter. I was relieved that Tiggy (as Gemma so endearingly calls him) didn’t give Clay a pass on the whole thing as Clay so obviously thought he would.

But Tig was in a whole other place by the end of the episode, wasn’t he? We’ve seen some pretty bloody, violent, graphic deaths on SOA. Sutter’s got a knack for making me wince. But when Tig saw his daughter Dawn in that pit, the sound in his voice as he begged her to wake up pushed me to the edge of my seat—literally. And then, when Pope’s guys dumped in the gasoline and Pope flicked his cigar into the pit (proving he is as horrible as we were warned), Tig’s howling grief sent me back into the cushions. I thought Clay’s beating Gemma was the most brutal act I’d ever seen on TV. I think this topped it.

So what happens now? Tig’s daughter was burned alive because Clay lied. Clay has betrayed Tig in almost every way possible. How will Tig respond? I do think he’ll get his revenge against Damon Pope, but it’ll take a while. I just don’t know what he’ll do or say to Clay, but I do know, it ain’t gonna be pretty.

Moving away from Tig, I want to talk about Gemma for a bit. Or should we call her Rose? Nah, she admitted pretty quickly to Nero that wasn’t her real name. That opening scene had me laughing out loud—the morning-after conversation between Gemma and Nero was priceless. What I find interesting is that she gave him her number. Did that make you go, “Hmmmm…”? And then, how interesting too that she called him up for a favor when her prince and his court needed a hiding place. Nero’s all smiles and good will now, but don’t you have the feeling that’s not gonna last? He’s gotta be connected somewhere to something or someone that’s gonna come back and bite Gemma and the Sons in the ass. (Yeah, I know, it kinda looks like he’s already bitten Gemma on the ass…and she seemed to like it.)

My last ramblings are reserved for Tara. I think part of my problem with her is that she won’t fully commit to either side. She dresses like Gemma. She talks like Gemma. She smokes weed like Gemma (although I’d go out on a limb and say Gemma wouldn’t have turned off the baby monitor so that she could smoke her weed in peace and quiet). She condones murder—or at least looks the other way when Jax says, “It had to be done.” And yet, she’s all high and mighty with Gemma. She’s all about, “We’re getting out of this. For our boys. We’re leaving this all behind. We’re better than this.” Blah. Blah. Blah. Everybody else in the family pretty much owns up to who they are and what they’re lives are like except for the Good Doctor. Pick a side Tara—I’m weary of your wavering and your hypocrisy.

There are few other tidbits of interest: Clay looks a whole lot like Piney now, doesn’t he? (Thanks, husband, for pointing this out to me. You’re good at catching that stuff!) Bobby’s out of jail, but we don’t know if Jax has told him EVERYTHING yet. Opie’s mopey, but you can’t blame him. I don’t blame him for not wanting to sit at the table with Clay, but I wish he’d come back. I wish Jax would just tell him the truth too.

Clay said he’s “all outta play” and he looks it, doesn’t he? He walks all stooped over. His clothes hang on him (another good catch, husband). He can’t hold up his bike. Gemma knocked him to the ground. And because Ron Perlman is so good at what he does, Clay LOOKS beaten. But I just don’t think he is. Do you?

See ya next week for further ramblings on the next episode of Sons of Anarchy. And if you’re so inclined, tell me who your favorite character is and why. You tell me yours, I’ll tell you mine.


  1. Season 5 Premier, Wow! What can you say about an episode that punches you in the stomach. So many emotions, so many storylines. And Kurt Sutter just keeps it coming, ready or not.
    Alright, favorite character: Chibs, and it's not even close. When he finally got his revenge in Season 3, it was just as satisfying as what came next for Agent Stahl. Talk about years worth of pain from seeing a man take both your wife and daughter and not being able to do anything about it. Plus, the guy has a heart of gold. It sucks that Juice didn't confide in him sooner.
    Damon Pope...I knew at the end of last season that Tig was going to have a rough time, But as soon as I saw LaRoy's body in the pit and the level of power Pope has, I figured it was the end for Tig. Nope. Just the beginning. I honestly can't think of a worse experience for a father to go through.
    On one hand, Tig ain't exactly the type to feel sorry for, he's caused major pain on others and gotten through relatively unscathed. And nobody can expect to kill a high roller's daughter like that and not expect some terrible payback. On the other hand, forcing a father to watch his daughter burn alive is on a level reserved for the type of sociopath that make the Ted Bundys and Jeffery Dalmers of the world so evil. I don't care how his character develops, anyone capable of that type of mercilessness is beyond compassion. Maybe I'm reading too deeply into it, but I can't help but think that anyone capable of such an act is by nature incapable of feeling emotion, including grief for his daughter. An act of cruelty to maintain his power and reputation, if you ask me.
    Anyway, looking forward to the season. Sutter has a gift for pulling the unexpected off and I've got a feeling we've got some very unhappy surprises on the way.

    1. Thanks for your comment!
      I agree with you that Chibs has a heart of gold. On the likability scale, he's way up there. Ranking on the same likability scale, I'd have to say Opie's my favorite. I have a soft spot for people who get sucker-punched, and poor Ope. He's taken it and taken it.
      When it comes to dynamic characters and who I like because they keep me coming back to the show--I would have said Clay, hands down, was my favorite before this episode. Now, though, with Tig in so much turmoil, and, as you said, because he's not the nicest guy anyway, I'm really invested in him too.
      I liked what you said about Damon Pope. I hadn't thought about that--about how he's so evil that he's incapable of emotion and that killing Dawn was more about power and reputation than it was about his grief. Really good thought there!
      I love this show and love talking about it. Hope you'll come back next week!

  2. Good recap, my favorite character; I guess it is Opie,I feel his pain, wanting out but he still belongs and all of the betrayals... However you cant really count a one time appearance but I loved when Stephen King showed up as the fixer. I hope Tig remembers that he not only has to take care of Pope to achieve vengeance but Clay also.

    1. Ha! How cool you and I picked Opie! (See my reply above.) I hope Tig remembers Clay too, but I really think he will. Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!

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