Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sons of Anarchy and Flesh-eating Ants

I love the episode titles for Sons of Anarchy. Last week’s was “Dorylus.” I had to look it up because, if they mentioned it during the episode, I missed it. As soon as I saw the links that Google pulled up for me, I understood. It’s a type of ant. A mean, “flesh-eating” ant, to be specific.

The literal reference to the episode is the scene at the Wahewa reservation where Clay and Bobby are taken by Charlie Horse to see a man who was buried up to his shoulders in the ground and who was covered in dorylus—flesh-eating—ants. The Wahewa hoped to see the man suffer another couple days before he died. Clay had other ideas.

As is often the case with Clay these days.

I think “Dorylus” was a well-chosen name for the figurative “flesh-eating” that’s going on in SAMCRO right now. Clay, with Jackson’s help, is slowly but surely devouring the club. He’s tearing it apart. It’s not going to be a quick death, it’s not going to be pretty, and it’s certain to be painful—probably even deadly for more than one Son before it’s all over.

Clay’s appetite and greed are so selfish that he is destroying the “family” he’s sworn to protect and love for his whole life. Will Jax continue to help Clay eat SAMCRO down to the bone, or will he stand up for the club before it’s all over? What will Bobby do?

I love this show because it’s so well written, the characters are so well drawn, and the conflicts are so multi-layered that you never know what will happen next. But you can’t wait to find out.

Oh, yeah, and it’s one of those shows where I just can’t help myself—I root for the bad guys.