Sunday, June 1, 2014

Writers -- There's support on Twitter!

I often feel isolated as a writer. I’m not one of those people who can write with a lot of noise going on around them. I don’t need—or want—music playing in the background. When I sit down to write, I usually seek out a quiet corner of the house and immerse myself in my story, with my characters as my only company. It works well for me.

I live in a VERY small town and there are no writers’ groups near me. I’ve been part of one writers’ group, a long time ago, and I enjoyed it and believe my writing benefited from it. But I don’t have that option anymore where I live. I’ve considered joining an online writers’ group, but there’s something about the idea of sharing my WIP with people I’ve never met that gives me the shivers. I’ve never done it; I don’t know if I ever will. (I would welcome input from anyone reading this on that subject!)

When I finish a section of my book, I have a few family members that I share it with, and I value their input. They’ve offered insight and opinions that have helped my stories evolve, and I appreciate that so much. They will continue to be my first beta readers. But they’re not writers. We’re not sharing each other’s pieces as you do in a writers’ group.

For all these reasons, I feel rather isolated. And sometimes, I’d like a compatriot.

What I’ve discovered is … you’re out there. Writing compatriots exist and share and vent and enthuse and support online, and I’m finding more and more of you on Twitter. I’ve found so many people on Twitter who seem to be so much like me. You’re pouring your hearts into your writing, you’re working it as well as you know how, and then you’re taking deep breaths and you’re offering your books to the world. Just like me.

Some of you are so generous with your insights and your knowledge and your experience that you share in blog posts and then post to Twitter. I’ve been learning through those posts, and I appreciate your willingness to share these tidbits with the rest of us. I’m truly hoping that, even though I don’t get many comments at all on my blog, people are finding my posts and getting something out of them.

It is with this hope, and in the spirit of reciprocity, that I continue to blog about my writing and my experience in self-publishing. I like to share, and I like to learn. I’m grateful for what I’ve been learning through others’ blogs, and I hope to be helping others.

If you’re a writer and you haven’t been paying much attention to other writers’ posts on Twitter, I encourage you to do so. As writers, we try to evolve with each piece. Sharing and learning from others—as well as from our own experiences—are ways to encourage that growth process.

Keep writing. Keep sharing. Keep learning and growing. That’s my plan. 

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