Sunday, August 4, 2013

Dexter - A Little Reflection - Welcome back, Hannah!

It’s been a couple weeks since I talked to you about Dexter. Have you been watching? As predicted, Deb spiraled quite a ways down, didn’t she? But you can’t blame her. Were you surprised when she fished Dex out of the lake after crashing their car into it? Nah, probably not. More than any other emotion Deb feels, she loves her brother. Like she said, she couldn’t imagine her life without him.

That wreck seemed to be a turning point for her. It seems Deb’s coming to accept who and what Dexter is and who and what she is because of her connection to him. As Deb said last week, “The family that kills together ….” Is this acceptance going to be healthy for her? Is having Dexter in her life better than not having Dexter in her life? I’m not sure.

Regardless, they want us to feel better about the Morgans as a family, but Dexter has this whole Zack issue to deal with. Dr. Vogel doesn’t want Dexter to kill Zack; she wants to teach him the Code. Dexter says no way. The kid kills innocent people and he needs to die.

Not surprisingly, we soon see Zack all Saran-wrapped up on Dexter’s table and that big knife is flashing as Dexter begins his “don’t lie to me” spiel. But he listens as Zack describes his need to kill, the way it fills him up until he can’t take it, and how he feels so much lighter after he’s killed someone. It all sounds pretty familiar to Dexter and he seems to feel bad for Zack that the kid never had a Harry. The two killers even share a mom connection. Zack started killing trying to protect his mom; Dexter started killing because he witnessed his mom’s brutal murder. Dexter frees Zack and the next scene is Dex at Deb’s house.

Things are getting back to “normal” for Dexter and Deb. They share a steak dinner—that tasted like ass, in Deb’s words—and they’re back to drinking beer and talking about their lives. Dexter was just beginning to tell Deb about Zack—which surprised me. I wasn’t sure she was really ready to hear about that—when Deb passes out.

And just before Dexter himself passes out, whom do we see? Hannah McKay, ladies and gentlemen. Hannah McKay.

How many more killers can this show juggle? Guess we’ll find out next week. We have only six more episodes of Dexter left. It’s going pretty fast, isn’t it? 

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