Monday, April 5, 2010

Tiger Woods is a person, right?

To continue the idea I began in the title of this blog...He's not a head of state. He's definitely not a deity. Yet, the media is treating him as if he is something more than a man who plays a sport very well, who is worth millions and millions of dollars, and who slept with many women who were not married to him.

Does it drive anyone else crazy when you hear the fervor in a reporter's voice as he talks about Tiger's return to golf? I listened to Rafer Weigel this morning on HLN (a guy I usually enjoy listening to) talking about Tiger at the Masters. Rafer is already there at Augusta was all a-tremble because Tiger showed up earlier than expected (on Sunday) and Rafer and his compatriots got to see Tiger play nine holes. Woo Hoo.... Are you trembling yet?

Then, of course, Rafer was even more excited at the prospect of being able to actually ask Tiger a question. He was practically drooling. I didn't watch the press conference, but I did just spend about 15 minutes of my life that I'll never get back reading a large portion of the transcript on CNN's website. There was very little of interest to me in the transcript. He's still sorry. He's still undergoing therapy for his "problem." He's still trying to hold his family together (and, no, Elin won't be at the Masters). He's taken Ambien and Vicodin in the past but neither contributed to the car wreck last year. He loves being back on the golf course. He appreciates the support he's received from his fans and his friends. Blah, blah, blah.

I don't care.

It's that simple. I don't care about this man and his infedelity. If anything, I'm fascinated by the media's fascination with him and his indiscretions. Are there really hundreds of thousands - millions even - of people who care about this? Who can't seem to eat their morning toast or bagel without their daily dose of Tiger? Is he really that GGGRRRREEEAAAATTTT?? Is the media's unending coverage of Tiger Woods a result of demands of an insatiable public, or does the public become insatiable because the media insists on cramming their Tiger bytes down our throats?

I am tired of being force-fed this particular brand of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late-night snack.

He's a man. He's made mistakes that hurt his family badly, but he didn't hurt me. My day moves along quite well - splendidly, actually - without any Tiger updates. Why, oh why, oh why won't they stop? And please, tell me who cares. Isn't there anything more important, more worthwhile, going on in the world than this?


  1. Definately agree. He isn't the first person to cheat on his wife in the spotlight. It's rediculous everything that has resulted from this "scandal." The "mistresses" as the many are called have reached stardom through this. It's sad that they are being called in for interviews on shows such as "Extra!" It is sickening. Another thing that I don't understand is how so many stars (including Tiger) are going into rehab for sex "addiction" all of the sudden. How drugs have moved from "addiction" to "disease" within the past year. So that makes me wonder, since I can't stop playing my guitars or my drums because it brings me happiness, has that moved from "hobby" to "addiction" or "illness?" Seriously yeah, he had a lot of sex, does that mean he is "addicted"? No, it means he enjoys it and he had his priorities messed up. Thats a choice, not something that he couldn't control.

  2. Well said, Jacob. And yes, I think we need to start a new rehab clinic for those who like to drum and strum. We'll cure you, for the measly amount of $5,000 per week. Sound good?